Summary so far. Part 1 – Getting Started

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My first lesson was a free 30 minute session at an indoor studio on July 17th 2008 with, let’s call him Jon…because that’s his name.

He’s got a really cool set-up: A screen to hit in to (complete with images of an outdoor driving range or even a course to play), two curved rows of sensors just in front of the ball plus extra sensors around the screen itself (apparently to pick up the spin on the ball), plus cameras to analyse your swing.

Not that we used much of that in my first lesson. As I was a ‘blank canvas’ he didn’t have to iron out problems – that will come later – but could just teach me from scratch. Starting with the grip, then just getting me to bring the club back no more than parallel to the ground, then a gentle swing through, just to see if I could hit the ball cleanly.

I was able to do that, went to a local range to practice a couple of times after the lesson, and so in following sessions he built up my swing.

For something like the first ten lessons or so, attending every 2/3 weeks, I’d feel significant improvement every time. It was exciting and interesting. It still is, but inevitably the imaginary line of improvement on the imaginary graph flattens out.

Bought some shoes, got given some clubs and a bag by a friend who emigrated to Australia (Thanks, SD!) but didn’t get to play my first round because of intermittent back issues. These back problems will always interrupt my life, sadly, and golf won’t exactly help, but one’s still gotta live.

Next update: Soon (probably about my first round – not sure yet).


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Hello world! Summary so far. Part 2 – Play Ball!

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