Summary so far. Part 2 – Play Ball!

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After a number of lessons, with interruptions for back trouble (*sigh*), we’d covered:

  • shots with irons;
  • pitch shots;
  • chip shots;
  • putting

It was finally time to play. On 7th Feb 2010 I went to the Lullingstone Park nine hole course with my friend Bill Collins (changed his name to protect the guilty). He’s been playing for years which, as it turned out, didn’t mean very much.

It was cold. My first tee shot was mis-hit (right) and the scorecard says I scored 7 (par 4). Final score was 58.

That score sounds good, doesn’t it? It was higher than that though. Something I think I misunderstood was the gimme rule. I’d putt it close and Bill would tell me to pick the ball up and not putt again. So I’d pick up and just score the actual putt prior to the gimme. Clearly the gimme should count as another shot so I’d estimate the actual score was more like 63. Not great, but that included 2 bogeys and a 10.

Not many good shots, only one that stood out was an ad-libbed punch shot to get the ball out from under a bush and trundling along the fairway.

Still, I’m hooked.



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