Summary so far. Part 3 – Progress (or perhaps lack of)

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Up to the point of starting this blog I had played about 33 rounds of golf. Of these 11 were over 18 holes, leaving a remainder of 22 over 9 holes.

I played my first 18 hole round (after 7 nine-hole rounds) on 1st August 2010 at Beckenham Place Park, and I scored 124, which included a GIR (which I then two-putted for par), 50% of fairways hits and five double-bogeys. As it turns out that’s quite good for me…*sigh*

Man but it’s tiring playing 18 holes of golf!

Anyway, I have managed to improve on that score with 116 (at Beckenham Place Park) and 117 (at Addington Court Golf Centre – Falconwood course). Breaking 120 is momentous, next target is breaking 110…

As for my nine-hole rounds, my best score is 53 at Bromley Golf Centre on 4th May 2011, thanks to a par and no more than 3 over on any hole.

Anyone familiar with the workings of the golf handicap system will realise these best scores mean my handicap is 28 – which is the highest handicap allowed – and not getting any better. For those of you not familiar with the workings of the golf handicap system, a player needs to score 100 or less (or 50 or less over nine holes) in order to start bringing down his/her handicap.

How many birdies have I scored? Well, I’ve had a total of 15 GIRs (again, prior to starting this blog) and converted just one in to a birdie: A long (for me) drive off the tee on the 16th at Beckenham Place Park, over the ditch that runs across the fairway about halfway along, a seven iron on to the green leaving a 12-15ft downhill putt. Nice. Read more here.

Finally, some stats to get my current state of play in to context as, hopefully, I continue to write this blog with more contemporary posts:

  • 33 Rounds
  • 387 holes played
  • 130 Fairways hit (43.9%)
  • 15 GIR (3.9%)
  • 12 Pars
  • 1 Birdie

Still having fun (usually).


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