Must slow down

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DATE OF GAME: 03/08/2011

VENUE: Surrey National, Chaldon

SCORE: 126 (66 out, 60 in)

I was dreading this round. The weather forecast was for blazing sun and a top temperature of 28 dgrees C., some reports said 29/30! I don’t like the heat. I just wilt. So I took some mitigation in that I bought some shorts from a golf store yesterday. They helped.

Playing partner Bill also agreed (almost astonishingly!) that we should get a buggy. This also helped.

And I bought a visor, which helped keep my head cool.

This is a lovely course though, really well kept and every hole has some interest to it. Some of the greens are beasts though – almost like Augusta National (like I’d know).

As for my game, well, the usual mish-mash of good shots and bad. For once though, and I see this as something of a positive, I can’t remember any particular part of my game being particularly bad. I played both good and bad tee shots, fairway shots, short shorts, chips and putts.

The par three 3rd was frustrating though. This picture from their website more or less shows the view from the tee although it somewhat exaggerates the amount of water you have to get over. This satellite picture gives a more realistic indication:

Surrey National Par three 3rd
There’s not THAT much water to get over…

I decided to go for the ‘course management’ approach and lay up to the left. No failed heroics going for the green, I was just trying to be realistic, conservative, even, and just be happy with a four.

I sliced my tee shot straight in to the water…twice.

THEN I managed to score a four.


The par fives killed me today. 12, 8 and 10.

But the other two par threes were good, both for four shots and including a GIR!

Other high points were three bogeys on par fours and 60% fairway hits.

Why the title “Must slow down”? Well, it’s because the good shots were almost always where I’d taken my time over choosing the shot and also taken my time on making the shot, particularly on the setup and the backswing.

So slow down a little, don’t let the people behind or your impatient playing partner dictate your pace of play.

But that doesn’t, I have to make this important point, mean you have to be a slow player. There’s still some etiquette, after all, and nobody likes slow play, but still if you’ve got a two foot putt to make, make the two foot putt even if there’s a group behind you waiting to play their shots on to the green. Don’t take ages over that two footer, but also don’t rush it, nor pick it up without putting it at all – you’ve as much right to be there as they have (your money’s as good as theirs).

So, anyway, my final total isn’t good, but still, an enjoyable day.

And I won the Stableford score.

Upcoming golfing activity: A half-hour lesson with let’s-call-him-Jon tomorrow at midday, and a nine-hole (or is it 90 minute) playing lesson with the pro at Beckenham Place Park at 14:00 – although I’ve not actually mentioned this to my wifey yet.


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