Circle the cross

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Today’s lesson with let’s-call-him-Jon ended up being about helping the hips making more of a forward lateral movement.

The camera footage showed that although my backswing looked good my head was moving too far away from the target meaning that I was staying too far back on the downswing.

The correction was think about keeping more weight on the left leg during the backswing to make it easier to drive forward.

To help with this we imagined a cross or X (OK, a + sign visually demonstrates the aligment better, but the plus sign looks really small on the computer screen!) through my trunk with one spine of the X pointing straight ahead (i.e. through my chest) and another sideways through my shoulders. At the end of the backswing the ‘X-spine’ pointing out of the left shoulder should be pointing along the same line as the chest x-spine was at the start of the backswing. The aim is to create a 90 degree turn around the backbone without lateral movement during the backswing.

Dear reader, I hope that makes sense to you!

Blog post title tie-in: This movement, if done correctly, would create a circle around the ends of the X spines…if they had pens at the ends…and there was a big piece of paper underneath…like I was a big four-piece technical drawing compass…or something.


Anyway, if I do that right I’m left in a good position to attack the ball without hitting fat shots and with room to drive the hips forward creating an aggressive angle in the spine (my real spine, not the imaginary X…)

We also took a moment at the end of the lesson to check on my chipping technique. We made sure I wasn’t too close to the ball but also he got me to take off my glove, tuck it under my left armpit and keep it there during the swing. This seemed to help.

Since doing so during a game would be a rules infringment (it would classify as using a training aid) he suggested just tucking up the underside of my shirt sleeve at the top so I have a lump of material to tuck under my armpit instead of my glove. Rules infringment avoided (since all I’d be doing is tucking in my shirt sleeve).  🙂

Oh, and he liked my new putter. So that’s good.

Finally, in a spirit of positivity, he pointed out that my recent scorecards (or at least my last two of 139 and 126) included a lot more bogeys than usual. This is a good thing, since I usually get scores of worse than +1 on each hole. If only I wasn’t only also scoring in double-figures on some holes.


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Must slow down The emperor’s new glove

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