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I might have spoken too soon. Perhaps the golf wiffle balls don’t give accurate feedback.

Whatever, I still can’t hit chip shots straight.

I was practicing a little at work last night (the office was almost empty as it was gone 6pm, and for the IT guys reading this, I was uninstalling IE7, then re-installing it, then upgrading it to IE8, then applying Windows Updates…so I hate a few spare minutes waiting for Microsoft software to do its thing!) but found I was mis-hitting chip shots again.

I’d estimate the good to bad ratio was about 60/40.

I was doing the imagining-I-was-holding-the-glove-in-my-armpit thing, keeping my eyes looking at the ball…but still. Argh!

I played nine holes tonight, with Bill, and shot a 65. Chipping and bunker shots REALLY cost me. On the par 5 1st I was in a reasonably good position (about 30yds) to be on the green in four. I ended up with a one putt 8.

FOUR shots to get on to the green with only 30 yards to go.

The par 4 2nd was even worse. After a good tee shot, my second shot went in to the fairway bunker but I took just one shot to get out, albeit with not much distance. So far so good and leaving about 90yds to the front of the green. Next shot went 90yds but ends up about 60 yds from the green because I’d sliced it horribly on to the far side of the 1st fairway! Next shot in to the bunker, three shots out (and the last was me purposefully not trying for the green but just taking an easy out to the fairway). Another sliced chip, a fringe-putt, two green-putts and I’ve got a 12. Already.

More short game madness around the 3rd green for a two-putt 9.

A bit of a recovery through the next four holes with a run of bogey, double-bogey, double-bogey and bogey. More sliced chips in that run though.

The last two holes, went for 7 and 9.

Putting was generally good with two single putts and two triples, the rest twos. Fairway shots were OK, but the tee shots…Oh! the tee shots! Every fairway hit, plus the long par 3 5th (officially not a fairway but it ought to be, it’s a LONG and uphill par 3 – and only just shorter than the downhill par 4 6th!) An average tee shot distance of 168yds, with a best of 207 yds on the 8th.

I think the last two points my teacher made in my lessons about keeping the right arm in close and keeping more weight on my left foot during the backswing has really helped with my tee and fairway shots.

So not all bad. Just need to get the short game sorted somehow. Hitting tee and fairway shots like I was, with that solid putting, I really should be able to get more like a 57 not a 65. I wonder if the problem was that I was quitting on the short game shots a bit?

And no sign of any knuckle-dragging rioters, which was nice.


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The emperor’s new glove I just…don’t…understand.

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