A long session on my short game

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I had a lesson last night and told The-Teacher-Called-Jon about my last round. Not surprisingly, we looked at chip shots and ‘up’.

We started with my 9-iron, just playing some ordinary little chips. What came to light was a tendency for me to finish too high which prompted a lifting of my left shoulder and some weight transfer to my right. The shots were straight, but lacked ‘pop’.

So, the main correction was to concentrate on finishing low and starting with a little more weight on my left side. Ball was positioned just inside the line of my right foot and my stance set just a little open. I was also being a little tentative with my backswing, so we increased it (although the virtual green I was given was quite big and with the pin somewhat distant).

The chip shots were good and got better with a little more commitment to the shot. Once they were established T-T-C-J asked me to change my swing for more distance, by bring my arms to almost parallel on the backswing. Then further still to almost a full swing.

The routine then repeated but with the P Wedge, then the 60° wedge.

The only odd thing was that all my shots were straight until I picked out the 60°…and then the 35° offline shots returned. Fix? Twofold: Set up with the ball more towards the toe of the club and be more positive with the swing. With the shorter clubs I think I have a tendency to swing lazily because the intended distance is shorter, but the result is that I don’t commit the right hand to the shot, so I’m not thinking about ‘slapping’ at the ground with the right hand, that leaves the face of the club open resulting in a slice.

The end result of all this: As usual I felt better about the part of my game we were working on. TTCJ advised – and I recall a box-out by Rory McIlroy, in an article in a golf magazine, which said much the same thing – that when your short game deserts you, this is the way to get it back. Start short, then work up to longer shots.

All round it was a really nice, relaxed and enjoyable lesson. I’d got there almost 10 minutes late, thanks to yet more roadworks popping up (London’s roads have gone mad with roadworks recently) but because I was his last pupil we just started late rather than me getting only 20 minutes – so I still got my 30 minutes. We ended up chatting a bit, I paid for my latest block of six lessons, he talked me out of playing in the next Golf Society meet of his (on the grounds that the course they’re playing at is REALLY hard and they require a minimum 25 handicap) and he even tried out my lovely Eidolon 60° wedge (and liked it).

Now if I could just find a way of getting a round of golf in this weekend…and I really ought to practice more often.

Next lessons: Wed 31st (30 mins) and Sat 10th (1 hour – outside!)
Next round: Fri 26th at High Elms (instead of at the Golf Society event)


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