A Bit Of Wrist Action

31/08/2011 at 19:49 1 comment

Date: Wednesday 31 August 2011
Venue: The Studio with he-who-we-call-Jon

Tonight we re-visited my full swing. Would you believe it, my club was getting up high again!

So the work was on getting my club further behind me in order to make it easier, nay, POSSIBLE, to get the club head square to the ball on impact and also to generate more power. It seems I was also being a bit too conservative with my aim of control and gripping too far down the club.

The feel I need to remember is a tightening, or stretching, in my right wrist as it cocks (such an unfortunate phrase!) backwards. It’s not so much the, *ahem*, cocking, that brings the club in to position so much as the club forcing the wrist to cock(!)

Anyway, enough implied filth and double entendres. As a result of these swing changes, I really drove my balls hard towards the hole tonight…NO! WAIT…!


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I know it’s supposed to be difficult… An Hour’s Whipping

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