An Hour’s Whipping

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Date: 10th September 2011
Activity: Lesson

This lesson was different. Firstly it was an hour long instead of 30 minutes. Secondly it was outside…on REAL grass! Cool!

My intention was to get some more realism, and therefore relevance, to the lesson. After all, on a mat, you can’t really tell what kind of divot you’re getting. Not that getting divots are the end in themselves, but if you’re going to take a divot it needs to be in the right place!

So, off we went to the practice area with a big bag of golf balls (I’m sorry, Sir, we’re fresh out of double-entendres).

What teach had me doing, apart from the obvious lateral movement towards the target, was to really try and hit the ball 45° left. The point was to try and get my torso turning through and the club and arms also going left after the ball strike. The main (I think) intended effect was to square the club-head but a significant side-effect was the creation of club-head speed and therefore more power. I reckon I hit a few around the 140 yard mark. Sweet.

A little drill he got me doing was to do the backswing, then the first half of the downswing but slowly so that I could stop at, or just after, the ball position. This was to act as a check that my right leg was in the right position (bent and rotated toward the target line) and that the club-head was closed.

He reckoned that I would usually perform a good hit if I did that drill once or twice before striking the ball. Perhaps that’s a trigger I need to take out on the the course.

Aaaaanyway, a thoroughly enjoyable lesson. Tiring though, and I was to pay for it later (more on that in another post).


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