A round against my benefactor

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Date: Monday 12th September 2011
Activity: A 9-hole round

This day, I took a day off (TOIL, as it happens, after working the previous Saturday thanks to a scheduled power outage) to play golf against an ex-colleague who emigrated to Australia – and gave me his set of clubs.

He then got to use them during the round as I’d since bought my own.

We played at Bromley Golf Course, since he only had time for 9 holes. The weather was, well, interesting as it was blowing a gale. Despite the high winds it was really warm. We both played in short sleeves.

It was, I think, probably the single most enjoyable round I’ve ever played. Not that I played particularly well, or badly (for me), I’m glad to say, posting a 57. Rather it was just that the company was good. DJMMSDDU (as we came to know him) has always been good company anyway, but he was just happy to be out playing golf. He scored 45 and said that was the best he’d played in about two years. He had a few mis-hits but nothing seemed to phase him and so the round became the social event that golf has always meant to be.

His first shot of the day was an absolute belter. Sadly I missed the swing itself as I was putting my club away, and OK he had the wind directly behind him, but his ball ended up in the bunker to the left of the green.

It’s a par 4 hole.

So, had his shot been just a little straighter he’d have been on, or possibly through, the green in one.

That’s a distance of 240 yards.

Nice work, DJMMSDDU!

As for my game, well, my tee shots were poor again (only one FiR), and I did duff a few fairway shots, but there were a few well hit fairways shots which, almost by default, employed the techniques my teacher was working on with me on that Saturday previous. And the swing in discussion just feels so easy. No great tension or added strength required, just exercise the correct technique and let the rest (i.e. the club head) do the rest.

One shot springs to mind. My last fairway shot of the day from the ninth fairway. My tee shot was, for once on that hole, playable. It rolled in to some light rough just in front of one of the MANY bunkers so wasn’t a fairway hit, but still an eminantly playable lie and position. I then had the bunker, a path, a water-filled ditch and a bridge to get over before getting on the green.

Since I’m not used to hitting the ball long I got out my 5 iron. Now, I’ve just measured the distances with the help of Google Earth, it was about 99 yards to the front and 133 yards to the back of the green, so bearing in mind I can hit a 7 iron 120-140 yards a 5 iron clearly wasn’t a great choice. Bearing in mind I probably hit less far in a real game than in the studio or on the range perhaps a 6 iron would have been OK, but I wanted to be sure to get over all those obstacles.

Anyway, I just stepped up and made a nice easy swing. Whipping through the shot as per my instruction on Saturday, the ball sailed up and straight…and long. It probably landed on the back edge of the green but ended up beyond, leaving me with a longish chip on. The point is though, the shot was good, other than the poor club choice. It’s really proved the point of the previous lesson.

Other than that, my short game was good (no mis-hit chips) and my putting was quite good (a couple of good lag putts, three one-putts to offset against three three-putts).

So, the weakest part of my game would seem to be the tee shots (again).

I really feel as if I’m close to a good score…there feels like a ‘coming together’ is coming together.

But…read my next, slightly depressing post.


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