An Enforced Lay-Off

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I’ve had a physical problem these last three/four weeks. In short tension in my left shoulder has caused nerve inflammation, in turn causing ‘referred’ pain down my left arm.

It’s a right PITA (Pain In The Arm – where else did you think I meant?!)

Anyway, I’ve had seven physiotherapy sessions in three and a half weeks, plus an osteotherapy session. All have helped and the problem is getting better but it’s slow and today – yikes, it’s gone midnight! – er, yesterday, my physio told me “No more golf until further notice!”

It’s not clear whether golf has caused or is coincidental to this problem, but still, it’s now the victim as everytime I’ve played, practiced or been taught golf the condition has been worse the following day (hence the words of abstinence from my physio).


And I was looking forward to playing Bill Colins on Thursday 22nd.

Actually, that may still happen, as I’m due to see the physio again on the 20th, but I’ve had to take the position of ‘Don’t book anything!’ until I know otherwise.


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A round against my benefactor Glory be and hallejujah!

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