Good to be back

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Location: Addington Court Golf Club
Course: Academy Course
Date: 16/10/2011

Following my doctor’s orders (well, my physio’s orders) I played this nine-hole course course today – under duress, of course (yeah, right).

What a beautiful day for golf. Mild, overcast at first then sunny, no wind…just lovely. I even took my jumper off on the fourth fairway and played the rest of the round in short sleeves.

The course itself is made up of alternating par 3s and par 4s, no bunkers (well, there are what used to be bunkers but they’ve removed the sand) and no water. It’s a fairly easy course and a nice one for a quick, relaxed game – and as a practice course for my circumstances. Still, it’s not without challenges (I had plenty of shots with the ball lower or higher than my feet for instance) and some of the approach shots demand accuracy e.g. at least three times my playing partner, Bill, told me “If you’re going to miss, miss left” (or “right” – you get the idea).

Unsurprisingly, it took me a few holes to get going, and after the second hole I decided to drop the use of woods. Still, some nice irons shots came out. Accuracy was inconsistent but distance wasn’t too bad. The ‘try to hit it left’ technique (described in this post) seems to be paying off with more power, and thinking about it as I write, although the accuracy wasn’t great there was only one full power shot that was wild so it can be argued it seemed to be helping that too. Once I got the weight staying a little more on the left leg during the backswing, and getting my wrist cocked the whole swing started to feel much more athletic, powerful and in control. Best shots were my tee shots on the 7th and 8th: 160-ish yards, straight as you like.

I hot some nice chip shots too. Particularly when I remembered the imaginary glove under the arm trick.

Putting was good too with one 3-putt, two 1-putts and the rest all 2-putts.

Of course, having said my accuracy wasn’t great, I should mention that I hit all four fairways with my tee shots on the par 4s.

The bottom line is the scoring though. All four par 4s netted a score of seven shots each. Well at least I was consistent in that sense, but just not consistent on a shot-by-shot basis to achieve a good score on any of the par 4s. The par 3s were generally better though scoring 4, 4, 5, 4 and 6.

So, a total of 51 on a par 31 course. Not quite sure how to extrapolate that out for a normal 18 hole round score but perhaps some basic maths will do………….OK, my head hurts now, but I THINK that equates to an 18 hole round score of about 112. Hey! Not bad at all! Especially as my previous best is 116 (although not as good as the guy in the car park who we overheard telling someone he scored 90 today…having previously never scored under 100. Jammy git, er, I mean, well done, him!)

Anyway, it was nice to be playing again, although subsequent rounds are dependent upon how my arm and shoulder react to today’s play. I won’t really know until tomorrow.


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