Mitigating Circumstances

19/10/2011 at 22:22 2 comments

DATE: Tuesday, 17th October 2011
VENUE: Farleigh Court Purple* Course
ACTIVITY: An 18 hole round of golf

I had a day off work yesterday, to play golf, natch. We decided on a new course, just because we could. Wherever we ended up playing I was apprehensive because despite the promise shown which prompted my previous post my arm had stiffened up later during Monday.

Come Tuesday morning, some relief, my arm was about the same as on Tuesday morning. Yay!

So, we played…on just about the windiest day of the year! It made for some interesting conditions for golf. Overall we think we played quite well considering but one shot (mine, of course) really became victim of the wind: On the short par 3 7th, a short putt of about 3 feet was perhaps slightly over-hit, but really only slightly, However, with the wind behind it it just kept on and on…and on…going. It must have ended up about 25 feet past the hole. A putt for par but I ended up with a five. No fair!

Otherwise it was a beautiful day. Almost constant sunshine and only cold in the stronger wind. The course itself is, well, not terribly interesting overall, with the exception of a few holes (the par 3 3rd is a fun challenge), but it’s a course that’s only been around since 1998. It’s in great condition though, with fairways better than some greens on other courses!

I ended up with a total of 121. My usual up and down nonsense with two nines, a 10 and an 11. Those big scores are killing me, especially as they’re all on par 4s. My average par 4 score was 7.7, but 7.3 on the par 5s. That’s silly. Through the wonders of an Excel spreadsheet I took out those big score holes, worked out the average from the remainder and applied the difference across all the holes. If I’d scored on ‘average’ on those big score holes my 121 would be more like a 107. I’ve just GOT to cut them out.

Still, I’ll cut myself some slack after that long enforced lay-off and there’s still much to be positive about: I hit some good shots, particularly on the fairway and not a single mis-hit chip shot. The recent technique developments are proving themselves to be good advice. Even my bunker shots are almost trustworthy with only one bunker costing me more than one shot.

And there’s the bogey, GIR and two pars! All four magnificent events on par 3s.

So there we are. Just need to get some accuracy and distance off the tee.

And a little more calmness helps, I think. Rushed shots are just an awful mess. Just a nice steady take away, a brief pause at the top with a hint of a lean on to the left leg, then a smooth, twisting attack at the ball.


Oh, and Bill scored a birdie on the par 5 12th. Well done, Bill.

* Made up of the nine-hole Blue Course and the nine-hole Red Course. You see? Red and Blue make Purple.


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Good to be back – Supplemental. Does the off-season really exist?

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  • 1. Brian Kuehn  |  20/10/2011 at 00:11

    So let me be the 2nd person to make a comment. I enjoyed your ramblings; let’s face it, some of those posts are rather rambling. I started playing golf so long ago I can’t remember the joy and pain of scoring a personal best of 50 (or 108). You have so many personal firsts to come that I am jealous. Each year for you will bring increased skill and distance; I am relegated to trying to maintain what I achieved the prior year.

    Best of luck in your journey to conquer the game of golf. You will never achieve that goal but you should have a great time trying.

    • 2. Learner Golfer  |  20/10/2011 at 16:26


      OK, I shan’t waste the court’s time. Guilty as charged…

      Thanks for reading. 🙂


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