Does the off-season really exist?

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For those in the more southerly states of the USA perhaps not, and while I like to think it doesn’t for us here in the SE of England – except for those of “us” who are wimps about ‘a bit of bracing dampness in the air’¹ – it does actually feel like it for me at the moment as I’ve played but 36 holes over four rounds since the 26th August.

Essentially this is because my neck/shoulder/arm problem has been, and still is, hanging around. However, I’m glad, nay, relieved! to report that the pains I’m getting now, according to my physio, are not thought to be neural but muscular in nature, physiology fans.

Still, I’m aiming to play this weekend. Sunday looks to be drier if not warmer than Saturday and that’s fine by me, I prefer golfing in cooler weather anyway. If only the courses, particularly the greens, could retain their summery quality.

Other than that…inclement weather? BRING IT ON! I’ve got some golf shots to play!

1 A quote from ‘Asterix In Great Britain‘ by Goscinny and Uderzo.


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