46. It’s like 92!

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OK, a bit lame to re-hash my previous post’s title but frankly, I’m thrilled.

DATE: Saturday 19th November 2011
VENUE: Beckenham Place Park
ACTIVITY: Nine holes of golf

Similar conditions as to the previous Saturday except there was more sunlight. Still finished in near darkness.

This round was perhaps the first time I felt like I was just a golfer playing golf, rather than a beginner trying to remember what he’d been taught and trying to apply it. That’s not to say I was shaping shots or anything but with six holes of bogey or better – one of which was a birdie! – and  leaving only two double-bogies and a single triple bogey, well, it almost felt, and might have even looked, like I knew what the heck I was doing.

I went round in 46! Look:

  1. Par 5 : 6 (2 putts)
  2. Par 4 : 6 (2 putts)
  3. Par 4 : 6 (1 putt)
  4. Par 3 : 4 (2 putts)
  5. Par 3 : 6 (2 putts)
  6. Par 4 : 3 (1 putt)
  7. Par 4 : 5 (1 putt)
  8. Par 4 : 5 (2 putts)
  9. Par 4 : 5 (2 putts)

It won’t last, I know that and I’m fine with that, BUT two good rounds in a row buoys me with confidence that I just might be able to bring my handicap down from the official maximum of 28!

Some credit, I suspect, must go to my physio. Two months of almost twice-weekly treatment must have improved my flexibility. In fact there were a few times when I could really feel my left shoulder tuck under my chin as I reached the top of my backswing, so let’s say it has!

Now, what’s the weather forecast for this weekend like…?


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