The End Of Neglect

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Yesterday, commenter Brian rightly pointed out my neglect of The Greatest Golf Blog In The World.

So, as it’s long overdue that I posted an update, let me post an update. Particularly as I find I’ve played FIVE times since my last posted round (of 46 on the 19th November). That’s more than I thought…sorry, Dear Reader.

Just a summary then, methinks.

Beckenham Place Park. 27/11/2011. 110 (51/59).
Two pars (one with a GIR) and three bogeys are the bright points here…as opposed to the darkness that descended during the last three holes making any kind of ball striking REALLY HARD.

A new Personal Best over 18 though.

Beckenham Place Park. 04/12/2011. 108 (51/57).
Two pars and four bogeys. Six one-putts. Only three missed fairways, and two of those still left playable shots. A little side-note: We started on the 10th as it was ‘Club Day’ so the 1st tee was very busy. Bill left after we finished hole number 5 (so our 14th of the day) after which I went Bogey, Par, Bogey, Bogey (6 putts, every fairway hit).

A(nother) new Personal Best over 18, thanks to that strong finish.

A lesson (can’t remember the date).
It seems I’m over-doing the ‘Feel as if your weight is on the left leg during your backswing’ thing, and in so-doing losing height resulting in the need to over-compensate on the downswing by lifting my left hip.

Jon also showed me, at my request, the correct way to hit with the driver (and specifically, why I couldn’t get height with my tee shots). Biggest change to make was to have the club head pointing more at my bellybutton rather than between bellybutton and left hip (which was cancelling out the loft angle built in to the club head).

Woldingham Golf Club. 15/12/2011. 114 (60/54).
Four bogeys. Three of these were on holes 15, 16 and 17, at which point I’d given up trying to play well…and immediately started playing better! Even the par 5 18th came close to a good score as my third shot almost reached the green (oh! for harder, summer ground conditions!) A par-5 10 and two par-4 8s tell a more accurate, overall story of my round.

Also, it is, I think, a bit of a dull course, sadly.

A new Personal Best over…oh, not this time. Darn.

Bromley Golf Centre. 28/12/2011. 58 (nine hole course).
It was all going so well…38 after 7 holes. Then we were joined by a lone golfer who had been allowed to play through four groups. He was obviously good from the few shots I’d seen him play, then he introduced himself as the club captain (“I’ll be using the white tees, hope that’s OK”)! Well, that appeared to ruin everything for me as I tried to tee off the 8th calmly. 12 shots later I finally put the ball in the cup, then finish off with an 8 on the last (my least favourite tee shot of all the holes on all the course I’ve played). He was a nice guy though, offering advice, particularly on THAT tee shot on 9th (didn’t help me none, sadly)!

Still, three bogeys and four doubles on the preceding seven are a much nicer thing to focus on, along with the five fairway hits in a row for a 161yd driving distance average.

Falconwood, Addington Court. 11/01/2012. 104 (53/51).
The second time we’ve played here, and I really like this course. The first couple of holes were played in pretty scratchy fashion though, then my game really went to pot for about the next five holes. Lots of fat shots, including some off the tee. Then I remember to (and remember HOW to (see tip 3)) relax, after which I went bogey and par, before another slight dip (8 on a par 5, 7 on a par 3) then properly got it together going +6 over the next six holes, with two pars, the second of which was a GIR.

The ‘If Onlys’ are as follows:

  • Four 3-putts. Convert them to 2-putts and I’d have scored 100.
  • A 7 on the last. Make it a par and I’d have a 101.
  • Just a few less duffed shots here and there and, well, see above…


  • The 17th. A 196yd drive, a 170yd approach on to the green, a putt that was bang on line, but short, then finish it for a par.
  • A one-putt par on the 16th.
  • Generally solid tee shots, although for a while I couldn’t get height with them. If only I’d remembered my tee shots lesson, above!
  • A very entertaining flop shot on the 18th. I couldn’t resist. The ball was just off the green but close to the flag, on a downslope, a fluffy enough lie so I didn’t have to be TOO precise, two bold practice shots that freaked out Bill (“Don’t hit it that hard, mate!” – he NEVER calls me “mate”!) and UP popped the ball, landing with almost no roll. Capital fun!

Still, it’s another new Personal Best over 18, despite the horrors earlier on in the round.

Three PBs in four 18-hole rounds. Something’s going right in amongst all the going wrongs.


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