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“On a given day do you accept your swing, or maintain aspirations?”

– from ‘What the world’s best players think before a round (but you don’t)’ by Max Adler, March 2012 issue of Golf World magazine.

What could be taken from this is, if you can usually hit your 5 iron 150yds but today you’re not hitting it so far, or you’re off line, why the heck have you taken your 5 iron out of your bag just because you happen to be 150yds away from the green? Instead, perhaps you should lay up with your 6 or 7 iron…

In other news, I’ve been given an interesting idea (which I’ve yet to try) from one of my online friends at 5s Golf. To whit, treat every hole as if it’s a par 5, and therefore, every 18 hole round as a par 90 course. the idea here is, I think, to cut yourself some slack.


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