Pushing My Weight Around

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DATE: Sunday 22nd January 2012
VENUE: Beckenham Place Park
ACTIVITY: Practice

There’s an article called ‘Pushing Your Weight Around‘ on my favourite web site which I really hope will help me with my shots generally, and avoiding fat shots in particular.

In essence, he’s talking about a way to ensure you transfer your weight laterally towards the target. His intention is to improve distance, which it will for most people at least, but for me it should help me more regularly introduce some reasonable amount of distance.

The method is to “…move your hips so that your left rear pocket moves straight back toward your left heel…” to feel the weight start to transfer in the right direction. It also opens the hips, er, to coin a phrase.

So, I went down to the practice area at Beckenham Place Park to try this out. I’m convinced. It’s at the very least a good trigger and I think that’s what I need in order to avoid those fat shots which plague my game.

It worked best when I combined the method of keeping my mouth open (to relax) with pausing briefly at the top of the swing (to stop rushing at the shot).

I screwed up some shots, but the session started well and finished well. The good shots sounded good (there’s a satisfying ‘chock’ sound when you properly hit down on the ball so trapping, or pinching, the ball in to the ground), the ball gets great height and the distance is consistent. I found most of the final set of balls settled close together in a satisfyingly small area (important note to self: 80 yards from where you were hitting them).

I also walked away with five more balls than I arrived with. Thanks go to the kid (of approximately 13 years of age) who had found them around a nearby pond whilst fooling around with his six or seven mates while I was practising. Good lad.

I finished off the darkening afternoon with some chips and flop/lob (is there a difference between a flop and a lob?) shots around the practice green. Much fun.


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