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DATE: Friday 27/01/2012
ACTIVITY: Handling the Truth!
VENUE: American Golf, Broadgate (London)

T’other day I visited my local (to work) American Golf store, for no particular reason at all.

Outside was a sign offering “Free player assessments”.

How could I say no?

The assessment lasted about 45 minutes, and included the pro recording my swing on a digital video camera.

Not a great quality video camera, but hey, it showed enough.

It seems I’m still dipping my head as I start the downswing, I’m a little flat at the top of the swing and I’m not shifting my weight forward towards the target. Can’t say I’m terribly surprised about any of these pieces of news…

Apparently my grip might be a little ‘strong’ at times too.

Anyway, the effect is to reduce the distance to my shots A) because I’m not shifting my weight forward towards the target (which means I’m missing out on power potential) and B) because my swing is a little flat and because – did I mention this yet? –  I’m not shifting my weight forward towards the target I end up throwing the club forwards (forwards of me, rather than towards the target) which results in my club head hitting the ball with or near the heel, rather than the sweet spot.

It’s all a bit of a mess really.

Now, I know I can shift my weight when I swing, but the problem – and I KNOW I’m not unique in this regard – is this doesn’t happen when the ball is there, only with my practice swings.

So, when I can find the time to get out there (which didn’t happen the following Saturday and Sunday just gone) that will be my practice: Training myself (FORCING myself!) to transfer my weight to my left side when I start the downswing. I have two plans for this:

  1. Perform the swing really slowly. Almost like slow motion. At least at first, to try to prove to my subconscious that I can do it with a ball there, then pick up the speed to promote the movement in to a more realistic speed.
  2. Move the ball a long way forward. The idea here is that the ball is SO far forward that in order to make contact you HAVE to transfer your weight.

And I’ve got to do this on grass. Driving range mats just don’t give me the visual feedback that I need (i.e. that of the physical evidence of the divot).

OK, necessity, the long winter nights and the c-o-o-o-o-ld weather might dictate I go to the driving range after all…but I won’t enjoy it, d’yer hear?! I WON’T!


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