Terrible Practice, Great Lesson

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What’s that about?

I go to the range a few times to practice, and specifically to train my body to transfer weight towards the target and have a terrible time.

I go to my teacher, Jon, to get demonstrate the awfulness but instead everything is good!

Back to the practice, I tried two things to train my weight transfer:

  1. A slow motion swing. This was fun, but ultimately frustrating. Still, I’ll do it again.
  2. Placing the ball just left of my left foot so that in order to hit it I had no choice but to ‘get out there’. This was really hard so I quickly gave up on it.

After hitting 55 balls I got another 55 and tried simulating a round. So, imagining I was at my local course, I’d pretend I was on the first tee and hit with the driver, then use my 7 iron for imaginary fairway shots until I estimated I was on or close to the green and if I was imaginarily close I’d use my PW. Then do it all again from the imagined second tee.

It’s a good principle for practice as hitting the same shot over and over is so far removed from the actual playing experience that it can be counterproductive.

Still, whatever I did I was still hitting too many fat shots.

I hate fat shots.

At least thin shots travel somewhere in the right direction. Fat shots just go nowhere.

So, at my lesson the night before last (Wed 8th Feb 2012), that was my main focus, but I hit very few fat shots.

Perhaps the range was too cold the previous week.

Anyway, we still worked on weight transfer. He was pretty happy with my stance and my backswing, and didn’t have much to say about my downswing other than the lack of weight transference.

The camera footage proved that I was starting to weight transfer but then stopped too early leaving just the arms swinging at the ball, thus causing the swing to bottom out too early.

Now, the thing is, identifying a trigger move that works. Jon said that if you asked 20 tour professionals what their trigger move was you’d get from 10 to 15 different answers.

What we went with, at least as an aim, was to drive the left shoulder past the left foot (or that that’s what it should feel like). It did make a positive difference. Not so much in distance, but certainly in terms of clean strikes.

Jon also agreed that if I am playing and hitting a lot of fat shots it is a good idea to move the ball back a little (i.e. more dead centre of my stance rather than just forward of).

It was also noted, with some pride on my part, that the direction of my shots are a lot more consistent. The screen shows three ‘sticks’. One represents the left-most result (i.e. the ball that went most to the left), one the right-most and the other the average direction. Another screen shows where they all finished up and they’re certainly more bunched together than they used to be.

Final agreements from Jon were that

  • of the tip to keep one’s mouth open during the swing to maintain a relaxed swing, not hit,
  • and that I could shoot comfortably under 100.

Now if I could just start to translate this on the course! I can hit every shot well, so a score of around 90 is achievable, if I can just be more consistent on the fairway shots…

Next planned activity will be a day of golf at Westerham GC, thanks to a Groupon deal (£29 for two including 40 range balls. Nice!). Date TBC although we were considering the 22nd Feb, but the weather is SOOO cold we doubt the course will even be open.


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