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DATE: 16-Feb-2012
VENUE: Indoor Golf Studio (the original one I first attended)
ACTIVITY: A simulated round of golf

Back to the old haunt, where I finally got to meet my teacher’s business partner, Rob. What a nice chap! He even made me a coffee…

Playing on the simulator was fun, once we cleaned out the floor sensors, but I really do hate hitting off a mat.

Main purpose was to practice, so lots of pressing the ‘Mulligan’ button the touch-screen – although some of these were to allow for the mis-read shots – and the main focus of the practice was getting my left shoulder over or past my left foot.

I wasn’t always managing it (usually due to forgetting!) and I’m still trying to settle on the trigger for this move, but I really noticed the positive difference in club speed and therefore distance when I did remember to do it.

Unplanned: I tried interlocking my little fingers when gripping the club. It feels more comfortable, more solid and still looks fundamentally sound (parallel palms) and I think helped me avoid the right hand being too ‘strong’. Need to see what he-who-shall-be-called-Jon-for-that-is-his-name thinks of it.

Next planned activity: A round of golf (not at Westerham just yet) next Wednesday. Farleigh or Falconwood are the likely venues.


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