A ‘New’ Club?

01/03/2012 at 23:03 1 comment

(What’s this? Three posts in one day?!)

During the round on Tuesday my friend got me to try one tee shot with his driver (after I’d flunked my real tee shot 70yds left) and I hit it straight, about 140yds.

Now, a single stroke straight is not anything like a decent sample base, but what struck me about it was the feel of the hit compared to similar good shots with my existing driver, in that it felt so much nicer.

I discussed this with my teacher, making an allegory with the perception by users of an IT system that if they think it’s slower then it IS slower (even if it isn’t actually). i.e. if I don’t feel much confidence in my driver, then it’s not a good driver (even if it is).

Or rather, if I think another driver is better, then it is (even if it isn’t).

Realistically, although my driver is probably OK, almost anything will be better bearing in mind my whole 12 club set cost £150 and you can easily spend twice that on one club alone (a quick search showed some new drivers priced £329).

So, teach said if I told him my budget he’d look on a web site called GolfBidder and make a recommendation of a second-hand – hence the apostrophes around the new in my post title –  club on there. From my budget of £90-£100 he’s picked out the TaylorMade Burner SuperFast (silly name!), which, as far as I can tell, originally retailed at around £239. His email says “Great club, cheap because they have brought out so many models since…”

The ONLY thing, other than my usual purchasing procrastination, is that the shaft is 46″ long when most are around 45″.

One inch may not sound like much (although I bets most blokes would like to have another inch…eh? eh? eh?) but while it will help generate extra speed, so extra distance, it may be at the cost of accuracy…but will the better quality club mitigate against that?

*sigh* This game is hard in ALL sorts of ways!


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