Morning (golf) has broken

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DATE: 28th February 2012
VENUE: Addington Court Golf Club, Championship Course
ACTIVITY: 18 Holes

119 shots. And it was pretty ugly.

It started well enough with a bogey 6 but that was followed with a 9 then a 10 on the 4th. Another 10 was to come on the 17th.

Still, there were bright moments. A 239yd drive (admittedly helped by a big downhill but it was still a good hit), 6 bogeys and a magnificent GIR thanks to a soaring 7 iron shot.

But too many fat and thin shots made the overall experience deeply annoying.

ADDENDUM (what a great word):
Chip shots were pretty good and putting was also generally consistent (avg of 1.9 putts, with five one-putts), so it wasn’t all bad.


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