The Redistribution Of Weight

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DATE: 29 February 2012
VENUE: The Golf studio

He’s marvellous, my golf teacher who-we-shall-continue-to-call-Jon.

I explained about my fats and thins from the previous day’s golf, he had a look at my swing and spotted the problem.

I was transferring weight but the weight was going towards my left toes whereas it should go to the left heel. The effect was that I’d end up moving closer to the ball on the downswing and therefore unconsciously correcting myself by lifting the left hip. Result: I’d either hit a proper fat shot or a thin shot by the club bouncing off the turf before striking the ball ‘on the up’.

Not good.

Anyway, the feel of trying to get the weight on to the heel on the downswing is what I need to groove at the range. Seeing his swing and some slow-motion swings of tour players has helped me visualise it as good players almost all seem to straighten the left leg as a result of proper weight transfer (but I think I need to watch that I don’t also raise the hip as I straighten the leg).

So, some optimism has returned. He also commented that he thought my stance and backswing were both pretty good.

At the end of the lesson I also got him to check my new grip (it was fine) and my tee-shot swing (also pretty good but if I start to slice the ball I should consciously try to hit the ball left to over-do the correct action to get back on track).

To the range with me!


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