How was that 105?!

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DATE: 11 March 2012
VENUE: Addington Court, Falconwood Course

Having gone ahead and bought that new club yesterday it was time to try it out. The weather forecast was excellent so it had to be done.

I scored 105 (49 out, 56 back) and, to be honest, I was surprised to find it was as high as that. I wasn’t expecting to break 100 but I thought I was closer to 100 than that. Still, a 10, an 8 and three 7s, plus three lots of 3 putts (one in that 10, one in one of the 7s and one at the last for a 6) are never really going to get it done.

BUT, despite all that there is much reason for optimism, I think. The new club worked out well (it seemed more tolerant of bad hits and I averaged 159yds off the tee with a high of 207) and putting was generally very good (8 one putts!) but the big thing is there were only five holes where I scored more than three over.

Compare that to the previous five rounds where I had (from the most recent) 10, 8, 7, 8, and 7 holes of 3+. Even the 104 on the 11 Jan had 8 holes where I scored 3 or more over par.

It seems to be my short game that has become the concern now. I’ve lost confidence in lofted PW and SW shots so ended up resorting to chip and runs with clubs like the 7 iron to get close to the hole from around 60 or less yds out. Even my chipping let me down on the where it felt like I went round the green in a circle before I could putt! Grrr.

Still, it was a fun day, and I played a magnificent 7 iron on to the 10th green from about 123yds out. Shame it was my 7th shot…


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