Interrupted Practice

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Date: Saturday 17 March 2012
Venue: Beckenham Place Park
Activity: Practice

I had an hour free in the late afternoon so decided to head to the grass practice area to practice getting a good strike on the ball with the lowest part of the swing after the ball. The emphasis is on good weight transfer – essential to a good golf shot.

I only took my 8 iron (and my ball collector) since it’s an easy club to use and the emphasis wasn’t on distance. That turned out to be a mistake as the practice area was in use for a group lesson so I could only use the practice green for some chipping…which the 8 iron is essentially useless for.

I managed to get back to the practice area when I saw the teacher come back with his group though. I hit some pretty poor shots until I tried to emphasise hitting DOWN in the ball at which point I immediately hit about four good shots consecutively. Nice!

Then the golf teacher returned with another group so I had to clear off. I just went home with no conclusively positive feelings.


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