Rescue Lesson

06/04/2012 at 10:14 1 comment

DATE: Wednesday, 4th April 2012
VENUE: Shirley Park Golf Studio

After discussing my recent horror shows and the thin shots and the going up on my toes Jon got me doing a little drill.

It was a half, perhaps even quarter swing , where I start with the hands at about belt level on the backswing then swing slowly through the ball (but with no ball at first) emphasising the contact of club on turf AFTER the ball and following through with more purpose so that the club head is as far away from me as (reasonably) possible. It was important to maintain some rotation through this hit though as I started by having the club going too straight towards the target (with the effect of losing balance in to the toes rather than maintaining balance in to the left heel).

On the camera this follow-through showed more of a gap between my right arm and left hip and also illustrated better weight transfer towards the target.

I like…but…I had to point out that I was starting to feel as if I can’t translate good shots I hit in the studio (and I do hit many) to good, or even half decent, shots when out on the grass.

So, we agreed that the next lesson will be outside at the practice area followed by the next lesson after that being a one-hour playing lesson.

I really must practice more though.


Watching the Masters Golf Tournament today (Saturday 6th) I can see the action my teacher was trying to get me to do in the swings of the pros. It’s especially clear on slow motion shots (duh!) and I tried it a few times when I took younger daughter to the park today and it certainly does feel different, more powerful and even more, well, genuinely like a golf swing.


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Regression Practice, with my new Playing Partner

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    […] A beneficial side-effect of this new attack line is that it really helped get my balance on the follow through on to my left heel rather than my left toes. […]


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