Getting back on plane

25/04/2012 at 22:26 3 comments

DATE: Wednesday 25 April 2012
VENUE: Shirley Park Golf Studio

Brilliant lesson today. I’ve been hitting a LOT of thin shots recently, yet my swing feels OK.

A bit of video recording later and Jon showed my how my club was getting too far behind, by which that means “behind” the line that it should be at.

It’s tricky to explain to the non-golfer but it means that instead of the club-head attacking the ball in line with the target line it’s cutting across it, from the left side of the target line to the right.

The correction was to bring the club away from the ball in a straighter line. A good position to be in on the way is for when the club is parallel to the floor it should also be parallel to the target line. The top of the back swing then ends up much higher than I was getting at the start of the lesson (where it was too far around and behind me).

A beneficial side-effect of this new attack line is that it really helped get my balance on the follow through on to my left heel rather than my left toes.

I am bouyed by this.

We also spoke about Ben Hogan’s book ‘Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals Of Golf‘. He agreed it’s a good book but pointed out a few things which don’t necessarily work for all. For instance the ‘sheet of glass’ analogy for the swing plane is wrong for me and a lot of other people – for reasons of general body shape, arm length (Hogan himself wasn’t tall but had long arms), suppleness, age and so on. There’s also the point that Hogan was writing about what he thought he was doing but it has since been shown, through video analysis, that he was actually doing something else.

Anyway, a thoroughly enjoyable lesson, even if the weather prevented us from going outside as originally intended. Next time!


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