I Am Not Irked…

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DATE: Friday 25th May, 2012
VENUE: Beckenham Place Park, practice area
ACTIVITY: Practice (with my 7 iron)

…but rather I am long!

Previously when I’ve practiced here I’ve typically hit my iron about 92 yards. Tonight, they regularly, indeed usually, went more like 111 yards, with one extraordinary well-hit shot easily out distancing the others to about 130 yards!

In red: my usual distances with a 7 iron. In green: tonight’s distances. In yellow: one extraordinarily long shot from tonight.

Of course this was wonderful fun, and a good thing overall, but as you can see from the picture many of the shots ended up in a (Hawthorn) bush, which made it hard to retrieve them!

So, 60 balls hit, in three groups of 20. First 20 were pretty much all good. The second 20 started badly as I got all over-excited until I reminded myself to relax (at which time, lo! AND behold, the shots resulted in straight, high and long ball flight). The third group started badly as I tried to relax even more but also tried to create lag. The lag, I think, messed up the swing as I hit two shots badly to the right, so I went back to just relaxing, and again, the shots reverted to straight, high and long ball flight.

This game really is kind of crazy. I love it!


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