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DATE: Sunday 10th June, 2012
VENUE: Beckenham Place Park
ACTIVITY: 18 Holes of Golf
SCORE: 101 (52/49)

As the weather started off nice enough I thought I’d try to get a round in beforee the weather turned for the worse. When I arrived I was half-expecting it to be busy, but I couldn’t see anyone on the 1st or 2nd holes and nobody waiting to start. I thought I’d have the course to myself!

As I prepared to tee off a fellow came along and asked if I minded him joining up with me. Unusually for a shy soul like me, I said yes. Mick, was very companiable, a pretty good player but humble.

So, my day started with my only truly poor tee shot of the round: Short, but straight enough. After that I mostly coasted round: six double-bogeys, eight bogeys and a par (and that on the hardest hole on the whole course!) Just the 4th, 9th and 18th and a three putt after a GIR on 13th really spoilt the overall score.

As suggested above, my tee shots were pretty good today, even the not-good ones – after the first – weren’t disastrous. The drive on the 13th only missed the fairway because it was so long (at about 220 yards, I’ll have you know!)

OK, let’s have a look at the bad ones:

  1. The 4th: Par 3: Scored 6: A fat tee shot ended short, then I bladed my second shot with my 60° wedge then fluffed my first chip on to the green.
  2. The 9th: Par 4: Scored 8. A good tee shot wasted. Then messed up my second in to some long grass, two more shots to get out, after that I’m not sure what happened but I know I scored 8.
  3. The 18th: Par 4. Scored 9. To be fair it is the 5th most difficult hole on the course but why do I make such a meal of it on such a regular basis? My tee shot was OK although it clipped the outer branches of a tree close to the tee box which too some distance off it (but may also have deflected it a little more to accuracy!) and reached 154 yards. But then two fat fairways shots, followed by a thinned shot on to a bunker, one shot out of that but into some horrible straggley grass on the outer edge of the next bunker then a chip/pitch on to the green followed by a three putt. Not fun.

Still, without knowing it I was teeing off the 18th with a score of 92 (finally there is something good to be said about having poor reading-distance eyesight!) which isn’t half bad at all. Even if I’d managed a six on the last I’d still have a total of 98.

But let’s end on some positives:

  1. 10 fairways hit out of 14 (71.4%)
  2. Holes 13-16 played in 3 over
  3. A par on the hardest hole on the course (the 15th)
  4. According to my estimates with Google Earth, five drives of over 215 yds (my stats recorded on the day didn’t upload to the website) and an average of 180 yds

Here’s to the next round (tempered with realistic expectations rather than hubris…)


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