A Good Weather Opportunity

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DATE: Sunday, 17th June 2012
VENUE: Beckenham Place Park
ACTIVITY: Outdoor Practice


Tried some bunker shots, as they’ve refilled the sand. Couldn’t hit one properly. I thought I had bunker shots sussed once upon a time.

Then tried to advance the balls back to where I usually hit the ball with my 60°. Meh.

Gathered the balls up and tried some full shots with my 8 iron. Meh.

Overall, I reckon I hit about 70% shots well. The good shots were generally great – I still find it amazing that even a lofted club can get a ball SO high in the air, bearing in mind the effective deloft of the club with the forward lean of the shaft and the action of hitting down on the ball – but too many were thinned or fatted.

Still, as the session went on the good hits percentage rose and my last batch was about 85% good.

I finished off with some chip and flop shots around the practice green. More meh.


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