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DATE: Thursday, 21st June 2012
VENUE: The Studio at Shirley Park Golf Club
ACTIVITY: Indoor Lesson

(That title will mean something to one of my followers.)

Playing the night before a lesson is a bad idea!

It was so hard tonight. Perhaps I should have suggested the subject of the lesson to be pitching or chipping!

Anyway, had I done so I wouldn’t have had a cool new thing added to my swing: Jon taught me a technique of tucking the right elbow in at the beginning of the downswing to create power. How does it create power? By creating lag of course!


OK, in short: With lag, the club shaft, and therefore the club head, matches the line of the right arm just after hitting the ball instead of just before. This means the head of the club accelerates through the ball reaching maximum speed just after impact instead of before (as opposed to the club head slowing down before the ball is hit, so costing distance).

So, that’s what I need to practice.

It’s hard. I went to practice at Falconwood on the following Sunday afternoon, with younger daughter, and couldn’t make a good swing. Everything went to the right. I will stick at it, but I think I need to increase my flexibility somehow.


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