Thumbs Up For A Beautiful Afternoon Of Golf

23/09/2012 at 14:07 2 comments

DATE: Saturday 22 September 2012
VENUE: Bromley Golf Course
ACTIVITY: Range practice, bunker practice, 9 hole round.

SUCH a nice day. Sunny, still and warm.

I should start by admitting guilt of missing some golfing action from this blog. Not very much, due to my back, poor weather, lack of opportunity and a swanky business trip to Hong Kong. The activities having been up to much though, just a couple of poor scoring rounds and some range practice. Lots of lost balls and hits going right. Very, very few thinned shots though, which is a Very Good Thing©.

Back to this day though, I started with some ‘ball-beating’ work of just hitting about 30 7-iron shots followed by about 20 driver shots. The primary aim was to hit the ball straight (duh!) but also to try to introduce effortless power.

How to do this? Well the power move is to get the right elbow tucked into the side of the body as soon as possible. This creates ‘lag’. I can’t seem to do this very well. Not sure why but I suspect it’s one or both of standing too close to the ball and not getting my body out of the way (actually these might be one and the same thing, our at least cause and effect).

As for direction control, I was using a Nick Faldo ‘Thumbs Up to Thumbs Up’ tip. His thought is that at the top of the backswing the thumbs should be pointing almost straight up to the sky (with just a slight angle), achieving the same position at the end of the follow through. I think it did help but I also found that thinking about turning the right hand over the left at impact (a move that I still think introduces risk) also seemed to help.

When things went right the drives landed around or just over the 175 mark. Sweet.

Then for some work in the bunker. This was good. Really good! So, why then…well, read on.

When I arrived at the course I saw nobody on the course. I was expressing a queue of people. When I got back to the clubhouse there was still no queue! How could I not play?!

I started with b-e-a-UTIFUL drive. Imagine my disappointment to needing four (FOUR) more shots just to get the ball on the green when my drive left me only about 70-odd yards from the green.

After that things mostly calmed down. I made a green in regulation (GiR) on the 2nd but then three putted. The first putt was a long one, but still. I got another GiR on the 5th and converted it on to a par. Bogied 5 and 8, doubled 3 and 6, but got quads on 7 and 9.

The four-over on 9 was very annoying, My tee shot ended up on the brow of a fairway bunker. Very difficult stance but made what felt like good contact. Still, the ball sailed in to the ditch. I took a provisional and hit that in to a greenside bunker. Fortunately I found the first ball was still dry, sitting on grass below the level of the fairway but not in the water. I had a clean shot…but put that in to a different greenside bunker. I ask you!

Remember I said “read on” earlier? Having had a really good bunker practice session, I needed FOUR shots to get the ball out of this bunker…then I found I had been using my PW. Grrr AND Argh AND *sigh*!

So, I ended up with a 53. Not too shabby overall, I suppose. The memorable shots were the already-mentioned opening tee shot, an 8-iron from the rough on the 4th for my second GiR (it was a good lie, but I still had an oft-visited pond to get over) and a 7-iron third shot on to the 8th which helped get me a bogey after a TERRIBLE tee shot.

There is hope. Shame it’s autumn now, which means to play I’ll have to wait for the weekends or take time off work.


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A Lovely Evening (Getting Chased) A Round

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  • 1. Brian Kuehn (bkuehn1952)  |  24/09/2012 at 16:27

    The key to playing golf well is regular play and/or practice. It is not like riding a bike except for the most accomplished players or those with gifted athletic ability. So get out there and play.

  • 2. Learner Golfer  |  24/09/2012 at 22:16

    It’s true. Muscle Memory rules all.


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