(Getting Chased) A Round

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DATE: Thursday 4th October 2012
VENUE: Beckenham Place Park
ACTIVITY: Practice and a round of 18

Off to the practice area first. Starting with 10 shots out of the bunker. 6.5/10. I got the balls out of the bunker, but still not with much height.

Then fairway/pitch shots. What a mixture. Some good, but some sliced and some chunked horribly. 4/10.

I decided to just go and play. On the first tee I used my 3-wood, just to be cautionary as there’s a ditch at the bottom of the valley. Pathetic distance of 113 yards, but it was on the fairway. Ended up with a seven.

A good tee shot on second was followed by a good fairway shot and I was only just off the green. After the 3rd shot I was still only just off the green. Grr. Another seven. This is where my game goes wrong. I’ve got to get better at stringing 4 to 5 good shots in a row, rather than 2 or 3 (and cut out the 2 to 3 BAD shots in a row).

After nine holes I’d scored 55. Those first two tee shots were the only fairway hits. But I did manage a GiR on the 7th, even after a slice in to the rough. Then I three putted to spoil it (although the first putt was quite long, and up a hill – and a tee shot from the group behind me ended up on the green, which was a bit distracting. He almost did it again on 14th).

The second nine was in may ways better than the first. 54 shots instead of 55, for a start, but the best thing was that I hit every fairway. Nice. Two bogeys are also nice, and four double-bogeys are OK, but two sevens and a eight lessen the shine along with two three-putts and three penalty strokes.

So, a final total of 109 (net 81, but who cares about Net scores?) I was surprised I wasn’t closer to 100 than that although I never thought breaking 100 was a possibility.

A few more nice figures:

  • Five bogeys.

  • Nine fairway hits

  • Four one-putts

  • A GiR after a fairway miss

  • A drive (on the 17th) of 187 yards.

The bad figures:

  • Four three-putts

  • Five scores of +3

  • Two scores of +4.

It’s those blow-up holes that I’ve got to cut out. If I remove any shots over +2 (so a 7 on a par 4 counts as a 6, for instance) then the front nine total is 50 and the back nine total is also 50. Too many chunked shots made this impossible though. I couldn’t seem to get the lateral movement to kick-start the downswing working at all.

My swing thoughts this day were focussed on three things:

  1. Keeping the elbows tucked in to my sides, particularly during the backswing. This creates a great feeling of being ‘connected’.

  2. Rolling the right hand over the left at impact. Theoretically this is something I’ve very uncomfortable with as it seems to depend on timing so much…and yet it really seemed to help!

  3. On tee shots, trying to keep my arms/hands in front of my chest during the downswing. I’m convinced this really helped me avoid slicing the ball.

Actually, there was a fourth thing: I noticed, when watching that magnificent European comeback in The Ryder Cup, that the pros swing remarkably slowly at the ball when making their approach shots. What gave them distance was that as the club comes down it’s as if they’re aiming the grip-end of the club at the ball. Baseball players use a similar technique to create lag and so make the club-head whip through the impact zone. It certainly seemed to help me when I got it right, but without the lateral movement I fear it also caused some of the chunked, fat shots.

Tomorrow, I play again (days off are nice!)


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