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…of the title of my last post (“(Getting Chased) A Round“)

I mentioned that the tee shot of one of the pair behind me ended up on the 7th green…which I was standing on lining up a putt.

I also mentioned that he did it again on the 14th. The 14th green is completely hidden from the tee, so on the one hand he might argue that he couldn’t have known I was there…on the other hand I would argue that he couldn’t possibly know I wasn’t there! Honestly though, I could have picked up his ball and thrown it in to the nearby pond. He’d never have known.

On the 15th he came close to reaching the green with his second shot. Same again on the 17th.

Even had I been playing slowly there’s no excuse for his behaviour. There’s the issue of golfing ettiquette, but there’s also the issue of duty of care for my safety! Had his tee shot on 14th reached the green I could have been hit. Likewise the 7th.

The result of this was that I felt like I was being hustled around the course. Now I’m no slouch. I don’t take a lot of practice strokes (normally only one per shot), I clear the green as soon as I can after holing the ball and often pick out my next club before I reached my ball, but still I need to feel like I’m playing at my pace, not at the pace of the guy behind me. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to feel rushed, but I did, and I think it cost me about 3 strokes.

I played golf there again yesterday. Before I started I was using the practice green and this fella arrived, marched straight past the shop and off to the first tee and hit four tee shots. Walked off, hit his fairway shots from the fours balls and so on until he got the balls on to the first green (my playing partner and I had teed off behind him while he was still hitting his first set of fairway strokes) then picked them up and went to the second tee. Once he’d completed a similar cycle for the second hole he went back to the first tee. All this apparently without paying.

I don’t know what to make of people like him.


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(Getting Chased) A Round Wet, Wet, Wet

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