A Quick 40

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DATE: Sunday 11th November 2012
VENUE: Beckenham Place Park practice area
ACTIVITY: Outdoor practice

I just had time on Sunday to hit a few before it got dark (stupid winter!)

So late in the day I thought I’d have the place to myself – at least if someone wasn’t already there – but just after I arrived someone else arrived. *sigh*

Still, he was a nice enough fellow although if I’m frank he really needed lessons not practice!

Anyway, I managed about 40 hits before it got dark. I’m pleased to say about 30 of them went high and more than 20 of these went straight. I got some nice divots too, althought they could do with moving forward a bit more as they tend to be only just after the ball. A few months ago I was starting to get good lateral movement on the downswing – which is what creates the down-strike on to the ball, compressing it and moving that divot further past the bll – but I’ve lost it after the extended break (bad back, poor weather, business trip).

This video, about Ben Hogan’s right-leg angle, may help me though. This other (slightly long) video argues about where the axis of the pivot is (NOT central!) What’s interesting about these is that Hogan’s weight seems to start on his left leg then that weight distribution to the left increases BEFORE the downswing starts. The right hip goes up and back while the right hip goes down and forward. Interesting stuff.

If I wasn’t at home because of a cold I’d be out there trying it now (the sun is shining!)


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