Long Drives

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DATE: Tuesday 30th October 2012
VENUE: Beckenham Place Park
ACTIVITY: A (dry!) round of golf
GROSS SCORE: 113 (59/54)
NET SCORE: 85 (45/40)

Just a quick write up about this round. A beautiful day although the greens were sodden from the previous day’s rain.

  • Nine fairways hit (five missed)
  • Five Bogies
  • Five Double-Bogies
  • Fifteen 2-putts (two 3s and one 1-putt)

Best of all is the driving distances. An average of 184.6 yards on the back nine and 176.6 overall. Two drives of almost 200 yards, one other of 193 yards, and three in the 180s.

There were some good fairway shots too, most memorable for me was an 8-iron to the 13th green. The green is raised and I’d hit the tee shot to the left side of the fairway leaving me with tree branches in the way. The ball sailed beautifully over them and straight at the flag. The only downside was that I should have picked the 9-iron as the ball ended up in a ridge just beyond the green. Still, fun!


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