“It’s exercise, Gym…

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…but not as we know it.”

I’ve started going to the gym. My wife has been telling me I should, not just for the usual ‘Get fit. Lose weight’ routine, but also to help my back become healthy so less prone to injury. And then there’s the stamina required to last 18 holes.

So, I’ve been three times a week for four out of the last five weeks (and still managed twice on the other week). The sessions have consisted of 10 mins of treadmill (a mixture of fast walk, faster walk and jogging), then exercises on various machines to help with strength and core-strength, then finishing on about 10 minutes on either the recumbent bike or back on the treadmill.

Result? Actually, I’m not sure yet. I spend longer on the treadmill, with longer stretches of jogging but I’m not yet finding that the machine exercises are getting any easier and I’ve not lost any weight. What’s that about?

Really, what I should have done was got my lazy backside a bit more organised this weekend and at least had some significant golf practice. Ridiculous, considering the horrifically cold weather we’ve had since the back end of February finally broke this weekend (Sun! Temperature in double figures!! No snow!!!) so I could easily have played.

I did manage to get to Beckenham Place Park today though, albeit for a walk with my little clan and our friends Liz and Mark, but I took my PW and putter and some balls, plus younger brought her junior 7-iron and we spent about fifteen minutes around the practice putting green. During which time I realised I’ve COMPLETELY forgotten how to play chip shots! Best call my teacher then…it’s been a while since I saw him.


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A Sorry Absence Mr Hyde…

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