The Magic Day Arrives

02/05/2013 at 18:32 3 comments

DATE: 28 April 2013
VENUE: Addington Court Golf  Centre – Falconwood Course
ACTIVITY: 18 Holes
GROSS SCORE: 94 (45/49)
NET SCORE: 66 (31/35)

OH YEAH! Finally! Round number 73 brings me my first sub-100 score, and by a clear six shots! As a result, my handicap is no longer the maximum of 28 (OK, it’s only down by 0.4 – but it is DOWN!)

ACF 20130428I knew the front nine had gone well, but since I don’t look at my total score (and thankfully my Smartphone app doesn’t make it obvious) I had no idea it had gone THAT well.

The 6 on the 3rd was actually quite pleasing considering after my dreadful tee and second shots I’d only advanced the ball about 70/80 yards. The 3rd shot was a good connection, then I played a pitch on to the upper tier of the green and two-putted for a six.

Three putts on the 4th was annoying having hit the green from the tee shot but that’s still only a bogey.

I got to the turn with only one hole worse than +2, plus two pars and three bogies.

On the par 3 9th I made the terrible faux-pas of stepping back on to the green to check something. This annoyed the pair of players behind me enough to shout at me. Now considering the pace of play was slow due to the group in front of me being held up by the group in front of them, and that I’d only taken a couple of steps back on I thought this was a little impatient of them since there was no way they would have been readying to take their tee shot (I’d have been annoyed if they had!)

Still, I allowed their unreasonable behaviour to affect me: When I feel rushed my game gets worse.

I managed a two-putt six on the par 5 10th (go figure!) but the next three holes I played seven over. Yuk. Luckily the pair behind me had a bad time on the 13th so I managed to get some distance away from them and calmed down, playing the next three holes at +2.

It was only when I got back to the car, having thought I’d blown it after such a messy back nine, that I discovered my achievement. Such a relief to get rid of that albatross.

So, the good points:

  1. The bottom line (duh!)
  2. That I beat the three-figure score by six shots on a par 68 course (most courses are par 71 or 72, so the six shot margin adds credibility that a score of 99, or even 97, wouldn’t have held, to my mind)
  3. Six one-putts and only one three-putt.
  4. Two tee shots of over 190 yards.
  5. Good course management.
  6. Not completely losing my rag

The things that still need work:

  1. Bunker play (I’ve completely forgotten how to hit sand shots).
  2. An awful lot of my tee and fairway shots are fading or slicing. This can make round management really tricky, because if you aim left to compensate but then hit it straight you end up in different trouble than if you aim straight but slice it in to trouble!

Scoring less than 100 has really made me feel good about my golf. I may well not manage it next time I play, as I’ll probably get cocky or too eager, but I know I can do it now. I almost feel like a golfer.



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…and Dr Jekyll How to import round data from Oobgolf to Excel (2010)

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Brian "bkuehn1952" Kuehn  |  07/05/2013 at 18:41

    You ARE a golfer, now.

    • 2. Learner Golfer  |  08/05/2013 at 12:39

      Hah! Thanks, BK, although my last two scores appear to disprove your claim. *sigh*

  • 3. I Love My Golf Teacher | learnergolfer  |  06/07/2013 at 01:15

    […] I’ve not been playing well since my first sub-100 score. […]


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