I Love My Golf Teacher

06/07/2013 at 01:15 1 comment

I’ve not been playing well since my first sub-100 score.

To be fair, there have been some good moments. Here are some highlights:

  1. Four pars in one round
  2. Eight bogeys and two pars in another round (one par on the 18th at Beckenham Place Park – a hole I’ve always found notoriously difficult)
  3. A 3-hybrid fairway shot of about 184 yards on to the par 5 green at Beckenham Place Park which meant I was putting for par.

But the truth is, despite these flashes of reasonably good play, that 94 did not herald a turning point in my golf playing life. Recently I’ve really struggled to hit straight shots off the tee, slicing or, at best, fading the ball away from the fairway.

Yesterday evening though, I had a lesson. In which my teacher pointed out that, although my backswing started well, I was then getting the hands too high up which meant I had to do too much to get the club head back to the ball. This resulted in the club head cutting across the ball with an open face. Result: Weak shots with slice.


  1. Get the hands further back behind me. This also results in the shoulders being more level at the top.
  2. Also, at impact, try to imagine the club-head closing around the ball and driving it in to the ground. Neither of these things actually happen but they act as a means to an end.

Even with a reduced backswing – just to get the feel of point 2 – the contact felt and sounded much better. Also, and this in particular excites me greatly, the hands return to their starting position as they attack the ball from inside the line to outside the line: A CRUCIAL move in accuracy, shot shaping and power.

On the camera (OK, on the SCREEN) the down-the-line freeze frame showed me in the classic impact position (or at least closer to it than I’ve ever been before) that anyone who studies the game will see good players in: Both hands close to their starting position; Right Hand Palm facing the target (and, of course, with a square clubface).

A bit like this:


Classic. OK, it helps that this is Luke Donald, but still, the point is well illustrated by this picture.


I can’t wait to play again…


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  • 1. Well that was… | learnergolfer  |  09/07/2013 at 22:23

    […] correction to my swing seems to have really helped. A lot! One hit landed around, and definitely went past, the 250 yd […]


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