Well that was…

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…actually quite impressive.

I went to the driving range this evening. I was tempted to play but the white-robed, harp playing, LG angel won the argument against the red-robed, military fork-wielding LG devil (plus there was a queue at the first tee and at the till…)

Out of the 110 balls hit  I’d say less than 10 were sliced, about 20 faded a little more than I like, with about 6 or 7 which were complete mis-hits (topped). Take away 16 balls which were used to warm up with the 7-iron and the 4-iron, that means I hit over 50 balls well or good enough.

This correction to my swing seems to have really helped. A lot! One hit landed around, and definitely went past, the 250 yd marker. I don’t think I’ve ever hit shots so consistently straight.

After that I did some chipping and putting. Both started badly, but then suddenly ended quite well.

Must practice more often.


Entry filed under: Bromley Golf Course, Driving Range, practicing.

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