Stupid game

19/07/2013 at 22:01 2 comments

DATE: Sunday 14th July 2013
VENUE: Addington Court, Falconwood Course
ACTIVITY: 18 holes
SCORE: 120 (60/60)

Simply the worst golf I’ve ever played. Not just bad, but also really, really depressing.

1st tee shot: A ballooned, hugely curving slice to the other side of the ‘run-off’ area between the 10th tee and the 10th fairway. Ball lost.

2nd tee shot (still on the 1st tee!): Not sliced, but still mis-hit and weak into a large bush. Ball lost.

Pitching Wedge on to the fairway, followed by a topped fade in to the rough. Sliced Sand Wedge on to a bunker. Thinned shot out, across the green, and in to another bunker. Thinned shot out.

Essentially, rinse and repeat for the rest of the round. I lost another ball off the 3rd tee and at that point stopped using new balls. The first two were fresh out of a box.

Even when I managed to get a GiR on the last it was thanks to a thinned fairway shot that just happened to finish on the green.

Then I three putted.

So, I went from three practice sessions in which it seemed like it was harder to hit the ball not-straight than straight, to a round in which I usually couldn’t get the ball off the ground and tee shots almost all went right and in to the rough.

OK, it was a very hot and sunny day – which are conditions in which I never do well at anything at all, let alone golf – so maybe I shouldn’t have played, but still, I am SO discouraged that, as I write this on the following Friday, I’ve not touched a golf club since.

I find myself wondering what is the point of practicing at all and I’ve even turned down an invite to play golf on Sunday – and not just because it’s forecast to be another hot and sunny day.

I just have no idea what was making all my shots go so wrong.


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Well that was… Two shots worse…but better.

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  • 1. Brian "bkuehn1952" Kuehn  |  08/08/2013 at 18:41

    From my experience, golf is a very up & down emotional experience. Just when you think you have it all figured out and happiness reigns supreme, the slide to the bottom starts. I still ride the emotional roller coaster. I have come to understand, however, that when things are going well, there is a storm coming, just as when the situation is blackest, a rainbow is around the corner. Keep working on your game. Enjoy the good days and forget the bad ones.

  • 2. Two shots worse…but better. | learnergolfer  |  08/08/2013 at 23:44

    […] to explain the title of this post, I scored 122 which is two shots worse than my discouraging previous performance, but I felt better about the whole […]


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