Two shots worse…but better.

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DATE: 6th August 2013
VENUE: Kirkbymoorside Golf Club
ACTIVITY: 18 Hole round with borrowed clubs

I’m on holiday in Yorkshire. It’s our usual haunt. As I have the previous two visits I played a round of golf at Kirkbymoorside Golf Club. It’s not the nearest course to where we stay by a long shot – 31 miles/50 minutes as opposed to about 5 miles/12 minutes – but it is the most obviously welcoming (no handicap certificate required, no member introduction required, no need to book etc.).

Plus, I just like it. There are some great tee shots on…

  • 3 (par 3 – over a tree-lined pond)
  • 5 (down in to a curving valley)
  • 7 (again, in to a valley with the tee box set off to the side of the fairway, which you can only see about 50 square yards of!)
  • 8 (over a small valley with the green out of sight)
  • 10 (a really narrow tree-lined fairway at the bottom of a valley)
  • 11 (over a CHASM! OK, it’s not really a chasm, but still scary-but-fun)
  • 12 (a 90° dog-leg left. Literally 90°)
  • 13 (long and straight, but invitingly downhill)
  • 14 (a double-fairway par 5, the first half of the fairway in a valley, the second half of the fairway set higher up to the right)
  • 15 (par 3 down in to a glade)
  • 16 (the fairway just disappears…when you get to the marker post you find another deep valley which you’re better off at the top of after your tee shot)

So, to explain the title of this post, I scored 122 which is two shots worse than my discouraging previous performance, but I felt better about the whole experience.

Why better? Well, for a start I was using clubs loaned to me by the, er, club, although I had brought my own putter. I’ve no idea how good these clubs were but the irons didn’t look new and had oversized grips on them, the 7 wood was pretty old and was uncomfortable to hold for some reason (but to be fair was effective) and I’d never heard of the make of the driver. Add to that I was carrying the pencil bag these clubs had been put in – and I NEVER carry my clubs! Also, it felt like I was being pestered by the ground staff in their machinery for the first half of my round. I don’t hate them for it, I know the work has to be done, but still they are noisy and off-putting despite their courteous behaviour. Finally, of course, I’d not played or practiced for over three weeks and it’s still not a course I’m used to.

So, lots of mitigating circumstances to excuse my poor score.

And yet I managed some really good shots. The top four highlights were

  1. Tee shot on to the green on the par 3 6th. A lovely smooth and relaxed swing which sailed beautifully. Here’s a picture of the result (click on it for a batter look):Image
  2. The tee shot on the 7th, where the pair ahead allowed my to play through as they were snacking. They too admired the arrow-straight 193 yd drive to the fairway.
  3. My 7-wood fairway shot on the 17th. It didn’t reach the green but it was straight and flew about 190 yds (I rarely hit my driver that far but I must have absolutely flushed this shot)
  4. A chip shot back on to the 18th green to tap-in distance for a par to finish the round with.

OK, there was a lot of crap mixed in between these little gems but in addition to the par on 18th I bogeyed the 6th and 7th.

I then enjoyed a light lunch with a half of lager in the clubhouse, then off to Scarborough to collect my wife and kids who had been to York for the day, thence home to a best-ever dinner of Sausages, cauliflower cheese and harissa potatoes.

And cider.

There was much good about this day.


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