And Five Makes Three

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By which I mean since my last entry to this fine, yet neglected and barely known blog I have played five rounds of golf which I have not documented in anyway, but two of those rounds were sub-100 so I now have broken 100 three times.

So, it’s high time for a catch up.

DATE: Sunday, 8th September 2013
VENUE: Chelsfield Lakes
ACTIVITY: 18 Holes with Lewis from work and his friend Andy.
GROSS SCORE: 112 (49/63)
NET SCORE: 84 (35/49)

I’d scored 49 at the turn with two pars and four bogeys over the first 8 holes. Then the weather turned nasty and my game followed it. Just one bogey and two +2s on the back nine, the rest was a dreadful mixture of +3s, +4s and even a +6 on the last and only one fairway hit. Embarrassing.

And to top it all they have the nerve to charge £32 a round for what is actually a very average course. I mean it’s nice, but not £32 nice! Even the marshall at the first hole allowed us to tee off early. Surely not much of a coincidence that we found ourselves to be three of ELEVEN people standing on the 17th tee waiting to tee off.

DATE: Thursday, 12th September 2013
VENUE: Addington Court Golf Centre – Championship Course
ACTIVITY: 18 Holes
GROSS SCORE: 99 (48/51)
NET SCORE: 71 (35/36)

That’s a little bit more like it. Three pars, two GiRs (consecutive, as well), five bogeys. My fairway shots were generally pretty good and my chips and pitches were very good. Just one really bad hole when I needed four shots to get out of the shallowest bunker in the world (not enough sand to get the club under the ball).

After 16 holes I was on 90 so I knew I had to par (or better) one of the last two holes to beat 100 and managed the par on the 17th thanks to an eight foot one-putt.

Had I got out of that bunker in one and not had four 3-putts the score would have been 92. Such is the fine line…

DATE: Sunday, 22nd September 2013
VENUE: Addington Court Golf Centre – Falconwood Course
ACTIVITY: 18 holes
GROSS SCORE: 104 (50/54)
NET SCORE: 76 (36/40)

I doubt we’ll ever be playing this course again. The tee boxes are in terrible shape, i.e. not flat, such that on the 12th I felt like I was hitting uphill!

Not that I can pin all of my poor scoring on the tees, some of my bad tee shots (low and left about 60-70ft!) were on perfectly acceptable tee boxes. and my fairway and short shots were just not very consistent.

Yet I started really well! Two bogeys on holes 1 and 2 then a GiR par on the 4th. Also I managed to bogey holes 7-9. So I guess it wasn’t all bad, but those rotten tee boxes are very off putting.

DATE: Saturday, 28th September 2013
VENUE: Shirley Park GC
ACTIVITY: A one-hour playing lesson followed by the rest of the course on my own.
GROSS SCORE: 111 (57/54) – Although I’ve marked this as a practice round.
NET SCORE: 83 (43/40)

This was a long anticipated playing lesson with my golf teacher, managing the first four holes before he had to head back. There were some interesting points of discussion with Jon and I hit some good tee shots, which in a way was a bad thing as it’s a bit difficult for him to fix things that don’t present themselves as broken.

The good tee shots continued after he’d gone, including 198 yds off the 8th and 189 yds off the 18th in the near gloom of dusk. There was also 211 yds on the 15th but that was downhill in to a valley (although still a good hit).

Two pars (including the par 5 18th) and a run of three bogeys in the middle of the back 9 were the highlights.

This is now my new favourite golf course. It’s interesting without being formidable and is nicely kept. It’s not cheap though, unless you’re playing as a guest of a member.

DATE: Sunday, 6th October 2013
VENUE: Addington Court Golf Centre – Championship Course
ACTIVITY: 18 holes
GROSS SCORE: 95 (51/44)
NET SCORE: 67 (38)/29)

And then there were three (this phrase was runner-up in the ‘Name This Post’ competition).

Yes, my third sub-100 round and on the same course I scored 99 a few weeks previously. And yet I felt I played better the previous time. Bizarre game…

My fairway play was pretty poor as was my short game, but my tee shots just kept finding fairway after fairway (and two others were well hit but found fairway bunkers) and one (level!) tee shot reached 205 yds.

I had two GiR pars and six bogeys but the stat that rescued my score from obscurity was only one hole worse than +2 (on the fifth, which was probably my only really bad tee shot).

44 on the back nine is a VERY pleasing stat indeed…

But now we head in to autumn and winter, the chances will become fewer and Bill is going to the USA for 10 days from this Wednesday, back for a couple of weeks then he’s working in India until Christmas.

Is this to be the pattern? Just start to feel like one is getting the hang of the game then along comes the off-season to usurp all the efforts?

Stupid weather…


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