The End Of 2013

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It has, it’s safe to say, been a while since I last posted (as rightly pointed out by my (only) regular commentator Brian K).

So, let me belatedly close off 2013 with a summary of the rest of my golfing activity..what little there is of it.

20th October 2013 – Lullingstone Four Ball
I mentioned this in my last post. This was played as Luke and me vs Lewis and Andy, and what a lot of fun it was. The weather could have been a little kinder and I really didn’t play at all well, particularly on the back nine.

Andy and Lewis took an early lead but Luke and I (mostly Luke) started to fight back around the turn and we tied on the 16th green. Sadly, Luke three putted the 17th marsh green and I put my pitch shot in to the bunker then two-putted. Thus the lead was handed back and we halved the 18th.

This was the first competitive game I’d played in and I have to say it’s the way forward.

On a personal note, I pitched/chip in on the 1st for a par and made a GiR par on the par 5 6th but those and three bogies were the only highlights in a round of 107 (50/57). If I could have played just a little better Luke and I would have won, I think, even if I’d just made a couple of halves.

26th October 2013 – Adding Court Championship Course
How do weather forecasters manage to get it SO wrong sometimes? The weather was meant to be perfectly reasonable and dry but instead at the 4th tee the heavens opened with strong winds and we were drenched and miserable in about five minutes flat. We ended up playing ten holes then gave up and went home. My score at that point was 59 with two pars and a bogey. The projected score was 100, but that’s meaningless.

10th November 2013 – Oaks Sports Centre
Another incomplete round as I ran out of time after 16 holes of solo golf. Overall I was at peace with my game managing a par and five bogies, but then a 10 on the par 5 7th when I managed to forget how to get the ball in the air ruined my front nine score of 52.

17th November 2013 – Surrey National
Again, weather forecasters get it wrong. It was meant to be a clear day, but instead there was just lots of mist bringing about an early dusk.

Highlights? Two bogies.

Conclusion? I’m not good enough to play this course.

Lowlight? Two chavs walking their dog along the edge of the par 5 5th towards my tee box as if I wasn’t even there. No attempt to hurry up, or move right over to the far edge of the rough, or acknowledge that they held me up. And then as they walked along the fairway on the other side – again, in danger of being hit by one of my errant shots – they decided to get their dog to try to retrieve golf balls that had gone in the water hazard, then commenced to throw one of these balls back and forth for their pooch alongside the green. What a pair of ______ !

I shouldn’t let things like that bother me, but bother me it did, and I was rubbish after that.


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