2013 Review

30/01/2014 at 14:50 1 comment

Looking Backwards

So, what can I take out of 2013?

First some bare naked statistics:

  • Rounds played: 20 (21 in 2012, 28 in 2011)
  • Average per hole score: 5.93 (6.30 in 2012, 6.64 in 2011)
  • Putts per hole: 1.98 (2.00, 2.17)
  • Putts per GiR+1: 2.09 (2.17, 2.37)
  • Driving Distance: 161.06 yds (155.52, 145.86)
  • Fairway Hits: 42.0% (48.0%, 46.0%)
  • Pars: 31/9.57% (20/5.56%, 17/4.39%)
  • Bogies: 92 (86, 55)
  • Scores under 100: 3 (THREE!!!)

All bar one of those stats has improved year on year, but I’m really surprised to see that the one that didn’t (Fairway Hits) came out like that.

Of course it’s the three sub-100 rounds that I feel most proud of, especially as the first one was a 94, which is enough under 100 to be rid of any nagging doubts (such as if I’d scored 99 on a par 70 course rather than a par 72 course, for instance).

Looking Forward

  1. Don’t rush, and don’t BE rushed. When I’ve played as if playing slowly I’ve played my best, so that’s a definite aim. I must stress this DOESN’T mean (and has never meant) play slowly.
  2. Practice more. Duh! This can be a little tricky, since a session on the range costs money which soon adds up. The only free location for full-swing shots – albeit with nothing longer than a nine iron – is really only suitable for one person at a time and there’s usually someone there first. But still, the more often I try to get on at the free place the more often I’ll find nobody there.
  3. More distance: One way or another I’ve got to hit the ball further. There’s some debate as to whether this should be achieved by hitting the ball harder (which can make me rush – see item 1 above) or by improving my technique (more lag?) And while it’s good to see my Driving Distance is up, let’s be honest, that’s still not very far. In fact it’s usually not even getting me in range of the green from the fairway which makes a GiR impossible.

So there we are. There’s a lot of positives for me to take from 2013.


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The End Of 2013 I Have To Write This Down

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  • 1. Richard Moseley  |  30/01/2014 at 16:00

    Good work Jeff – your golf reports do make me smile chap.
    Quite obviously you love playing the game and quite obviously you are improving – Golf is one of those hideous things that you will spend the rest of your life improving on – as long as you keep enjoying it, that is the main thing.
    For instance for me…..the 19th hole is my most favorite…


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