First lesson of the year

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DATE: 28th June 2014
VENUE: Shirley Park Golf Club
ACTIVITY: 30 Minute Lesson

I originally wanted to see Jon before my first club competition, tomorrow, to check out my recent lack of direction off the tee but as I seem to have fixed that during my post-work round on Tuesday the lesson became just about a swing health check, which was…

READER’S VOICE: What a minute, LearnerGolfer, it’s June 28th! Where have you been? We’ve not heard from you since April 8th!
LEARNER GOLFER: Oh! Er, yeah, fair point…OK, let me finish this post then I’ll write up something as a catch up. Mkay? Mkay!
READER’S VOICE: OK, make sure you do that.

A fair admonishment!

Anyway, Jon told me he liked a lot of what he saw but got me to make sure that at the top of my backswing I was allowing my right elbow to come away from my torso. This allows room to bring the elbow back in at the start of the downswing in order to create extra speed (more speed = more distance).

We then moved into making sure I get my weight transferring towards the target at the same time to add further speed. This was MUCH harder to achieve. What is it about that move? Especially when the ball is there!

Jon finished the lesson by very kindly saying that was best he’s seen me swing. Cool!

READER’S VOICE: OK. Good. Now get on with that catch up post, yeah?
LEARNER GOLFER: Indeed, I will. I’ll probably do it as two catch ups as there are essentially two stories to tell.
READER’S VOICE: Ooh! Intriguing…


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