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DATE: 1 January 2014-24th June 2014
VENUES: Beckenham Place Park, Chelsfield Lakes, Westerham Golf Club, Hever Castle, Selsdon Park, Bromley Golf Centre, Sundridge Park (West), Addington Court (Falconwood), Darenth Valley.
ACTIVITY: Golf. Quite a lot of it. 18 rounds, in fact.

It’s been an odd year for golf, so far. I’ve played quite well, but not in long enough stretches in order to actually break 100. I’ve scored a few pars, and even managed a couple of birdies. I’ve had stretches of consecutive bogies, and even stretches of consecutive Greens In Regulation (GiR). My driving distance went up significantly in spring/early summer after finding I could regularly hit the ball 200yds. I could go through rounds where I would avoid three putts completely, even managing one back nine where I managed seven one-putts.

And yet still there are the 8s and the 9s and the even-more-dreaded double-figure scores on individual holes. Driver tee shots where the ball goes low and left for less than 100yds. Three chips shots that move the ball around the green instead of one chip shot onto the green. And rounds with four three-putts that mean another sub-100 score is missed out on.

Let’s have a quick look…

22/2/14 – Nine holes at Bromley Golf Centre. Score: 50
After seven holes I had a GiR par, four bogies (one was another GiR) and two double-bogies. But then the 8th went down as a triple bogey and the ninth as a quad. So eight over for the first seven holes but then seven over for the last two.

24/2/14 – Beckenham Place Park. Score: 111
Five bogies and two pars, with a GiR. But then five three putts and even a four putt. And I started with a+6 on the first hole, followed by three other scores of +4.

1/3/14 – Chelsfield Lakes. Score: 100
51 at the turn with a par at the first, a bogie and seven doubles. Similar on the back nine with three doubles, three bogies and two pars…but then a nine at the par 4 18th. Even a double on the 18th would have given me a 97!

9/3/14 – Selsdon Park. Score: 118
I hit a 230yd drive on the 10th! Other than a GiR bogie, that’s all I’ve got. Nice course though.

22/3/14 – Selsdon Park. Score: 106
A GiR par, another (one putt) par, and six bogies. Too short off the tee though and too many +3s and +4s.

5/4/14- Westerham. Score: 115
Well, that’s a full 18 shots better than the last time I played here! Seven one-putts and two pars are nice too. Two 10s aren’t though.

13/4/14 – Beckenham Place Park. Score: 106
A birdie! A par. Three bogies. Only one 3 putt. But a 10 and too much other nonsense.

18/4/14 – Beckenham Place Park. Score: 102
A front nine of 48 which included two pars (including on the par 5 first!) and four bogeys, but also an eight, suggested a good round was in store. However, despite bogeys on 10, 14 and 17, the back nine needed 54 shots thanks to an eight on the par 3 12th and triples on 15 and 16.

27/4/14 – Beckenham Place Park. Score: 110
This round started off with four consecutive bogeys, but then went downhill and not even a par on the 7th and bogeys on 10, 11 and 18 could disguise serious scoring issues which included  a +5 on the 13th and a +6 on the 17th.

15/5/14 – Beckenham Place Park. Score: 53 (nine holes)
Four three-putts. One of which was after hitting the green in regulation.

17/5/14 – Beckenham Place Park. Score: 100
This round was almost good and is my best score to date at this course. Five GiRs, four of which I scored par, and five bogeys. That’s five over par over nine holes (or five over for half of the round, if you like). The problem was the other nine holes cost me 26 shots over par, including a +5 on the 9th. Four three-putts.

1/6/14 – Sundridge Park Golf Club – East Course. Score: 105
I had a sore neck which definitely didn’t help. Six bogeys, a par and my fourth birdie are definitely highlights but the front nine cost me 56 shots, including a 10 on a par five.

12/6/14 – Beckenham Place Park. Score: 103
49 on the back nine is quite neat, especially as that included four bogeys in a row. But the front nine cost 54 shots, I had three three-putts overall.

24/6/14 – Beckenham Place Park. Score: 82 (13 holes)
Front nine cost 60 shots! However, this was only a post-work practice round so I can somewhat forgive myself the 11 on the 1st and the nine on the 2nd.

It’s all very messy. One part of my game can be quite good on one day but then bad the next. I know lots of golfers feel that way but for me the swing in quality is so great it’s really quite demotivating.


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