Joining A (Fan) Club

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(Can anyone name the band I’m referring to by the title? Answer in the next post)

On the grounds that

  1. I wasn’t able to play a round of golf at a posh hotel over Christmas because I didn’t have an official handicap certificate and
  2. Bill is away all summer so I’m without my usual playing partner (aka I’m Johnny No Mates)…

…I’ve joined my local golf club, Braeside Golf Club.

It’s a very cheap club to join because it doesn’t own its own course, which is Beckenham Place Park (owned by Lewisham Council, run by Glendale), so joining cost me only £70.

Joining was an interesting experience because I didn’t have that handicap certificate. As a result I had to play three rounds with a committee member in order for my handicap to be calculated and then get voted in by the committee. The latter at least was, I assume, a formality. At least no interview was required which I know some clubs put people through – although there was a gag about it being a CRB check!

The committee member who played the three rounds with me was the club captain and New Members Secretary, Denji.

Denji is a splendid fellow, not least because he’s an Arsenal FC fan, but also because he’s friendly and a very good golfer. Tall and lanky he hits the ball a long way when he wants to and has an almost hypnotic practice swing.

He likes an early tee-off too! Two of our three rounds started around 07:30 and the other only an hour later than that. *shudder*

So, the three rounds (all at Beckenham Place park):

Date: 18/4/14
Score: 102 (48/54)
Not too bad, considering a few nerves. The front nine was spoiled by a +3 and a +4 but otherwise had two pars (including on the par 5 1st – I’d never managed that before!) and four bogies. The back nine was a bit of a mess besides three bogies, thanks primarily to an 8 on the par 3 12th (lost tee shot so I had to go back to the tee as the group behind waited for me…and I promptly block hooked the second attempt about 30yds).

Date: 27/4/14
Score: 110 (51/59)
A really tidy start of four bogies, but then a double-bogie followed by a +4 then a par! That’s my game. Finishing with a 10 on the 17th but then a bogey on 18.

Date: 17/5/14
Score: 100 (51/49)
Five Greens In Regulation, four of which I parred. Along with five bogies means I played half the course in just five over. Sweet work. Shame about the rest of it although this is my best score at Beckenham to date.

The outcome of this is…well…still slightly puzzling. Bearing in mind the par for the course is 69 and my best score was of the three rounds was 100, which is 31 shots over par, how did I end up with a handicap of 24?!

Well, it turns out that when calculating a handicap any score worse than +2 is limited to just +2. So, when I scored a 10 on the par 4 17th it only counted as a score of 6. It’s mostly about potential apparently, but there’s also the issue of stableford scoring in which a handicap of 28 (which is the handicap figure I was expecting) would give too much of an advantage against almost anyone.

Taking in to account this ‘no worse than +2’ rule my three handicap scores come out as:

Date: 18/4/14
Score: 102 (48/54) becomes 94 (45/49) which is +25

Date: 27/4/14
Score: 110 (51/59) becomes 96 (47/49) which is +27

Date: 17/5/14
Score: 100 (51/49) becomes 92 (45/47) which is +23

There must be a little more to it though as 25+27+23 ÷ 3 = 25.

Anyway, there we are. I have what feel likes a slightly inappropriate handicap but who cares? I’m in a club.


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  • 1. bkuehn1952  |  25/08/2014 at 16:37

    Well, I am still waiting for the name of the band. You and Legitimatebeef and references to music are wearing me out. At least I can name the four members of the Beatles!

  • 2. Learner Golfer  |  26/08/2014 at 01:02

    Answer provided, as promised, in the new post.

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    […] was also the year in which I joined a club, Braeside Golf Club. This is something that I thought would help me improve…but […]


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