Better, but not…

18/05/2015 at 23:22 1 comment

ACTIVITY: 18 holes, doubles matchplay
VENUE: Lullingstone, Castle Course
DATE: 17th May 2015

This was me and Mark, vs Lewis and Matt. Mark and Matt haven’t played much golf, at least not recently (Matt was using borrowed everything!), but as we started the 18th Lewis and Matt were just one hole up. It was fun, and the weather was very nice, if a bit breezy at times.

I started the day with a 204 yard drive on the first tee, and managed a few other good tee shots…but sadly some pretty awful ones. But fairway shots were much better than of late. If I remember to allow my front heel to raise off the ground that really helps me get in to the shot on the downswing, then if I exaggerate the follow-through the shot usually works out alright. Heck I hit a 3-hybrid shot 181 (and that was with the ball above my feet!)

Short game was good at times, and putting was often spectacular!

But there are still too many (I seem to have been using that phrase an awful lot in this blog!) blow-up holes, and triple bogies.  In this round: nine doubles, three triples, a quad, and a +6…and only four bogies. All for a total of 112.

It’s just not good enough for anything.


Entry filed under: Lullingstone 18 hole course.

Awful Golf I Know Golf Is Hard

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  • 1. Brian Kuehn  |  09/07/2015 at 12:43

    Your results seem to parallel those in the Fantasy Golf league. Ha ha ha!

    Keep at it. Eventually you will begin to hit more consistently and those blowup holes will lessen.


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